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Travel Health Made Easy

How it works:
  • Call the pharmacy to book an appointment
  • Print the forms, fill them out, and bring them to the appointment with you
  • Bring your Alberta health card, vaccination history card, and insurance card with you to the appointment
  • Our travel health pharmacist will discuss with you the recommended vaccines and medications based on your answers on the forms. This is the time to ask any question that you may have
  • We then fill the vaccines and medications, and direct bill them to your insurance card
  • Our certified injection pharmacist will administer the necessary vaccines to you during the appointment
  • We will then book appointments for booster vaccinations when necessary
What is the cost?
  • We charge a consultation fee of $40 per person
  • The cost of injecting the vaccines during the initial appointment is included in the fee.
    However, booster injections cost $20 per visit
  • The usual vaccines prescribed are listed below with their cost. Note that in most instances we can direct bill these vaccines to your insurance card

Speciality Medications Made Easy

  • Most Compounds can be ready the same day or the next day
  • Having trouble finding a liquid formulation of the medication for your child? Call us at the pharmacy. We can formulate most medications into a liquid version for your child
  • Can't find a pharmacy that stocks your special pain or facial cream? Call us at the pharmacy. We compound most specialty creams prescribed by dermatologists, physiotherapists, and other specialists

Pet Medication

  • Have a prescription for your furry family member? Call us at the pharmacy to find out options on how to administer the medications to your pets conveniently!
  • Finding it hard to give your pets their medications? Have our pharmacy team formulate them into manageable treats that your pets would surely love !

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